Families :: preserving your memories!

Do quiet moments with your family give you all the feels?  There’s just something about being together and knowing these moments are fleeting. As we’re younger, we wish time away. With families of our own, we long for a time machine. Family life in itself is a bittersweet blend of all kinds of feelings and capturing them on your own can be hard.


Sessions start at $325

Let’s talk about what that means...

Family Sessions (the break-down): During your session, we will spend an hour together - having fun, relaxing, laughing, and enjoying our surroundings. Photos are shot on-location. I can provide you with beautiful location options or you can suggest your own.

And, don’t forget, I’m not just your photographer.

I’m here to help you every step of the way - everything from selecting the perfect location, to wardrobe, and taking deep breaths during the session.

Let's customize it

Don’t worry, friend. I am here to help. I understand that everyone’s family is unique; every family has their own style; dynamic; sense of humor; and look and feel. As your Lehigh Valley family photographer, I’m here to help you capture those moments in their truest, most organic form. I’m here to help preserve the natural smiles; the long gazes; the laughter; and the beauty. In fact, that’s what so often gives me ͞all the feels.͟ I love to see expressions light up as photos from each session are unveiled.

If you’re ready to do this...I’m ready to help!

●  If your family needs extra time - We can increase the session time on an hourly basis. $75 for each additional hour will allow for additional wardrobe changes or travel to additional locations.

●  Thinking of included extended family? We can do it! I would be honored to include your extended family in our session. Just add $100 to the creative fee.

●  Have something else in mind? I would love to help you design the perfect custom session for your needs. I will do what it takes to make sure your memories are preserved the way YOU pictured. Let’s chat about it.