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Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project

Dear friends, my photography business is about so much more than capturing moments. It’s about exposing lives…in the most meaningful and beautiful way possible.

Back in February, I started the Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project. My intent was, and is, an effort to celebrate those in our community who are going the extra mile; lending more than a hand; loving with a fierce and unafraid spirit – and truly making a difference. So many wonderful people give back to our community with no desire for recognition. However, when we recognize someone who is making a difference – it gives us an opportunity. We have the opportunity to not only love that person back, but also to come alongside and make an even bigger impact.


Meet Amber Clark


Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown Photographer


It’s time for me to turn the spotlight on our very first Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project nominee, Amber Clark. Amber is a wonderful woman, with a true heart to serve. She is backed with full-on support and encouragement from her wife, Karla, while she works hard to make a difference in our community. Amber realizes that impact does not come with an age-limit, so she makes certain to include her five-year-old daughter along the way as well. She knows the importance of teaching her daughter the heart and soul behind a giving spirit.

Amber is the kind of woman who hears about a need, and goes after it with fierce and driven soul. When Amber heard of a two-year-old child battling cancer, set set-up a diaper drive. Then she followed up with a bake sale of grand proportions. She sold 2,760 cupcakes and raised nearly $4,000 for the family of this child. Amber’s heart is truly for causes that affect children and families. That alone is Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project worthy, if you ask me.

On another occasion, Amber learned of a man who was regularly foregoing lunch and dinner so his family would have the food and resources to eat, as it was very hard for them to make ends meet – even for the essentials. Amber rallied the community and, as a result, two SUVs were filled with food and Christmas gifts for the families. Amber’s heart and her ability to reach out and connect, once again, paid off for this family.

Amber is also devoted to community organizations. She made treat bags (along with her daughter) for local first responders. She is part of several Lehigh Valley organizations that promote peace, equality and raise awareness. As Amber says, “once your eyes are opened…you can’t unsee it.” Amber also keeps the starfish analogy close to her heart – a man threw a starfish back into the sea and when asked what difference it really made…he replied that it made a difference to that starfish. Every small notion counts, and Amber demonstrates that in everything she does and is.

Friends, isn’t that Lehigh Valley Beautiful to you?



P.S. Need a cake for an upcoming birthday or event?  Check out Amber’s business Konception Kakes!  We recently had a family birthday party that I had Amber create a custom cake for, not only did it looked amazing but tasted delish!


Do you know someone who’s making the Lehigh Valley a little brighter?  I’d love to hear about them!  Email me at jessica@jessicastopperphoto.com
To read more about the Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project, click here.


Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project Allentown Photographer

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