moving to manual

Learning your DSLR can be an overwhelming process! You know your camera can do amazing things, but your just not quite sure friend, I’m here to help!

You are in the right place if you have a DSLR and :

• You’ve moved beyond the safe green box (automatic) and have been experimenting with the other modes

• You're starting to question why certain things are/are not happening in your images

• You’re ready to take control of your camera and take your photography to thenext level

In this class we'll explore and learn about:


  shutter speed


  light meter

  white balance

  and so much more!

This will be a fun, hands-on class that will give you the skills to tell your camera who’s boss!

There will be a private Facebook group for you to post pictures and ask questions! I will also be posting some “assignments” to help you practice your new skills!

Our next class will be announced soon.