Holiday Traditions

When I was seven years old, I spent a weekend at my Aunt Alice’s house to do Christmas baking.  We went through twenty five pounds of flour, doubled, tripled, and quadrupled recipes (usually because of a mistake I made),  and made way more cookies than our extended family could eat.   Little did we know that weekend was very special, as it was the first year we did our Christmas baking together…the first of MANY.

Over the years our Christmas baking has evolved in many ways: we’ve perfected our kiffle making process, we’re more efficient, and we don’t make as many cookies.  Do we really need to make 50 dozen cookies?  Unless they are kiffles, they answer is no!!!

We’ve had many people join us throughout the years but the core group has always been, my three cousins, Aunt Alice, and I.  We’ve kept up this tradition throughout our high school and college years and now into adulthood.  This year, although crazy because my aunt’s double oven wasn’t working to full capacity, was a special one.  It was special because it was my twins first year joining us.  Our core group has officially expanded to 3 generations! 

I just knew I wanted to document today because it was a first, because it was a tradition, and because I want to remember the details of something that has been a part of my holiday traditions now for several decades. 

This time of year is full of family traditions.  Here’s 5 simple tips to help document them:

1. Capture the details

2. Be aware of your light source

3. Change your perspective (try different angles or get on your subject’s eye level)

3. Keep your camera nearby so you can grab it when you need it

4. Don’t spend all your time behind the camera!



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