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As you may already know, earlier this year, I started the Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project. My intent was, and is, an effort to celebrate those in our community who are going the extra mile; lending more than a hand; loving with a fierce and unafraid spirit – and truly making a difference. So many wonderful people give back to our community with no desire for recognition. However, when we recognize someone who is making a difference – it gives us an opportunity. We have the opportunity to not only love that person back, but also to come alongside and make an even bigger impact.


Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project

Lehigh Valley friends, I would love to present you with another amazing member of our community and Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project nominee, Dana Emswiler. Dana is a truly impressive young lady who lives with a determined spirit, thoughtful disposition and carries a bounty of wisdom wherever she goes. She knows what she wants to do and has an unheard of amount of direction for someone so young.


Meet Dana Emswiler

Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior Photographer


Dana’s young life is a testament to what it means to push through strong resistance in an effort to meet goals, pursue dreams and enrich the lives of others. Dana suffers from a Vitamin D deficiency that left her with extreme fatigue and neurological challenges. Additionally, Dana found herself with more unexpected medical issues when she was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Her compromised health situation did not phase her drive and desire to serve, however. Dana completed over 1,000 hours of community service during her high school career – all the while maintaining a GPA of 4.4.

Outside of school, Dana’s activities are plentiful and all for a greater cause. Dana was the Teen Chair for Teen Works – engaging in various outreach initiatives – chairing activities and serving on the board. She volunteered with the Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley. Dana was also an active member of the Applewood Homeowners Association – serving as a committee member; a summer activities coordinator; and was the recipient of the Good Apple Award for Citizenship. Dana was also a DaVinci Science Center Women in Science & Engineering Advisory Council member.

Within her high school, Dana was an active member, and President, of the Key Club with various roles through the years. She served as Geo Club President and Event Coordinator as well as an active member in related activities. Dana was Co-President of the Welcome Pack; Student Council Treasurer; on the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team in 9th and 10th grades. She also served as a Parkland District Health and Wellness Council Student rep as well as a Middle States Planning Community Rep and was an Honor Society Member – as well as recipient of the Principal’s List of Academic Achievement.

Dana was also awarded the prestigious Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation award (1 of 150 recipients in the nation)*. While Dana’s high school achievements were vast, impressive, and fully-involved, she has no plans to stop now. She looks forward to studying Industrial Engineering and continuing to serve others at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dana is an amazing role model for others – young and old. Her perseverance and willingness to push through difficult circumstances is inspiring and something we can all take note from. Dana’s level of serving is something that comes naturally to her; she has been encouraged by her parents’ watching them love on and help others. She believes that when people work together, despite their differences, to achieve a common goal – unity abounds. I have to agree!  I am so grateful that Dana’s story won’t stop with her high school career. This girl is set to do more great things and change the world with lots of love and determination. Here’s to this Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project recipient and all the joy she brings to those in and outside of Lehigh Valley.



Do you know someone who’s making the Lehigh Valley a little brighter?  I’d love to hear about them!  Email me at jessica@jessicastopperphoto.com
To read more about the Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project, click here.

* Since 1986, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has annually awarded 150 high school seniors throughout the country who have excelled in leadership, service and academics with a $20,000 college scholarship. Additionally, the scholars participate in Scholars Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia where they engage in meaningful leadership activities, partake in community service projects, attend a banquet, tour local landmarks including the World of Coke & the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and celebrate their achievements at Coca-Cola Headquarters. These 150 scholars join a prestigious network of over 5,000 scholars and alumni in taking action within their community and creating positive change.  To learn about the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, click here.

Lehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior PhotographerLehigh Valley Beautiful Project-Lehigh Valley Senior Photographer


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